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Auto AC Freon Recharger

Eureka Automotive: Leaking Freon?

Your truck or car's AC system is nearly airtight, but your freon refrigerant is always slowly leaking out into the air. At Eureka Automotive we know that eventually, a car will lose enough freon so that a car's air conditioning system will no longer cool effectively. But don't worry because at Eureka Automotive at 105 W Graham St we have everything you need to recharge your AC or convert a classic car from R12 freon refrigerant to R134a freon refringent.

Freon gas becomes a liquid when pressurized inside your car's A/C system but returns to its gaseous state as it leaks out. Many drivers in Eureka are completely unaware that they are losing freon until the day when they turn on the car's AC and find only warm air blows out. Call 309-467-3791 and ask any of our auto parts specialists about recharging your car's AC. Stop by our store at 105 W Graham St and we will show you the best AC recharging options for your car.

"Help My AC Only Blows Warm Air!"

In the past, automobiles used R12 freon. Due to new environmental regulations, R134a freon is the only freon available today. R134a systems don't leak as much as old R12 freon systems. The average new model economy car only leaks about 0.41 ounces of refrigerant per year. Before recharging your AC, vacuum out all the old refrigerant before refilling it. Once you have removed your car's old AC refrigerant use a simple 22-ounce freon recharge kit to add new R134a refrigerant. The kit includes a flow control valve located at the top of the charge can, a service port connector that enables the refrigerant to flow into the system and a gauge which tells you the pressure in the system.

"Can I Buy R12 Freon For My Classic Car?"

If your car or truck was made before 1994 you must convert your entire AC system to the new R134a standard. This involves replacing dozens of seals and several AC auto parts. R134a is more highly pressurized and much more efficient refrigerant pound for pound than R12. Most classic car AC compressors and condensers cannot withstand the intense pressure required and choose to add about 25% less freon to accommodate older systems. This means your AC may not cool as well as it used to. Converting your R12 system to R134a is a big job so stop by Eureka Automotive today and talk with our specialists about the auto part you will need to get the job done right. Visit us today at 105 W Graham St.

"Is Used Freon Ok?"

Auto repair shops frequently resell used refrigerant. The old freon is moved through a recovery machine that removes contaminants. Used freon works just as well as new freon after it's clean. Accepting used freon is a great way to help minimize the impact freon has on the environment.

"Can I Just Ignore The Problem?"

At Eureka Automotive we don't recommend ignoring your AC system. Recharging your AC system is usually cheap. But maybe you don't mind the summer heat in Eureka or you don't want to spend the money. Nevertheless, it is still important to recharge your AC system if you are running low on the refrigerant. R134a is mixed with a lubricating oil your A/C compressor needs. Without this vital oil, your AC compressor can burn out leaving you with a costly repair bill.